Quality Underground Sprinkler Installation

Mason Irrigation is building a reputation based on the installation of premium,  efficient irrigation systems along with exceptional customer service.   We provide service and maintenance on all systems regardless if it was installed by us or another irrigation company.  Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing system or require essential seasonal servicing with spring start up or fall blow outs, call Mason Irrigation for reliable, on time and guaranteed work.

Whether your system was installed by our company or another we are more than happy to help you with whatever problems may arise.  Clogged lines, inadequate water coverage, busted sprinkler head, or whatever the case may be!  Our office is open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for whatever unexpected emergency may arise.

Fall Blow Outs:
Starting in September we recommend customers start thinking about proper winterizing for the cold months ahead.  We will shut off your main water line to your system, blow out any residual water in the lines and shut your timer off. All work performed helps to achieve a smooth start in the spring when your system will be activated again and prevent possible damage caused by water freezing in your lines.

Spring Activation:
For the warm months it is best to have us out in the spring to get your system ready to start watering.  We will activate your water and timer then runs tests to go through each zone to ensure that all zones are up and running as designed. Any necessary sprinkler head adjusting will be conducted at this time and then your system will be ready to start watering whenever you choose to start. At this time if a "refresher course" is needed in using your automatic timer we will walk you through the proper steps to help you utilize your system to it's full capability.

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